People in Cadillac Deal With Fallen Trees, Flipped Boats After Friday’s Storm

The storm system has done its damage to trees, homes and even boats on the water all since the storms started Friday night.

Sandy Gulick says she had her eye on the storm Friday night, but didn’t expect to find what she did.

“Heard a crack and we were all kind of watching from my mom’s front window, and my brother in law said run because we didn’t know where it was going,” she said.

Luckily trees missed their house and many others

“Like there were like cars it could’ve fallen on; roofs it could’ve fallen on but it’s just like everything that fell kind of like missed everything,” Gulick said.

Friday night’s storm did more damage than just tearing trees down; we know at least one pontoon boat is ruined.

“This morning woke up and my two young sons said, ‘dad there’s been some damage outside, the tent flipped over and the pontoon flipped over,’ and I didn’t believe what they were saying and sure enough we had an overturned pontoon,” says Kyle Hogg, who lives on Lake Cadillac.

Neighbors stepped in to help crews right the boat. We’re told it’s destroyed and the owners have insurance.

“Usually when you flip a boat upside down the effort to put it back up is quite harsh and so the boat was in bad shape yes,” says Christophe Lavigne.

Through the headache of clean up, neighbors are stepping in to help.

“Our neighbor a couple doors down, he came down to help he thought that this tree had fallen across our driveway so he was going to pull it out with his Jeep,” Gulick said.