Severe Weather Potential Prompts NWS to Launch Additional Weather Balloon

With the potential for severe weather overnight, the National Weather Service near Grayling made a mid-day launch of a weather balloon.

There’s usually two launches per day: one at 8 in the morning and another at 8 in the evening.

But with the storms building to the west, the National Weather Service wanted to measure atmospheric conditions to see if they’ll allow for the storms to move or dissipate.

“What we would like to know is what the atmosphere is doing overhead right now and that will help our computer models as they try to forecast where the storms are going to go. It also gives us a look at the atmosphere to see how much instability we have over us right now,” explained Kevin Farina, information technologist with the National Weather Service.

And here’s a fun fact! With pressures at a hundred thousand feet, that balloon will expand to the size of a small house!