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Sail Charlevoix: The Future Generation of Sailors

Many of us learn how to tie our shoes, read a book and drive a car at some point in our lives, but you know what’s missing from that list? Sailing!

Sail Charlevoix is a program for kids ages 8-18 that is encouraging them to set sail and learn the basics of tying a knot and how to assess the environment before heading out!

“We’re really teaching life here. These are young adults— they’re going to be adults. We’re teaching them how to assess risks and enjoy themselves out on the water,” says Stan Carroll, the Director of Sail Charlevoix.

These kids are learning more than how to sail a sailboat. They are learning patience and teamwork. “I’ve learned a lot more about like how to work as a team and it’s all about like communication,” says Andy Wagner.

Out on the water and in life these students are learning they can’t direct the wind but can adjust their sails.

If you want more information on the junior or adult programs,

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