Mason County Teenager Remembered by Special Olympics Coaches, Teammates

This Mason County teenager is being remembered.

She drowned Thursday night while swimming Lake Michigan.

Albrianna Huck was reported missing Thursday night around eight and found in the water about two hours later.

She passed away at the hospital.

This all happened at Sterns Beach in Ludington where Albrianna had been swimming with family members.

14-year-old Albrianna Huck was just starting to come into her own as an athlete with Special Olympics. David Gerych was her basketball ball coach and watched her grow over the past year.

“When we started off the season she was really kind of shy. As the season went along she came out of her shell and she really got into basketball. She really started getting more aggressive, she started actually playing the game,” said Gerych.

David’s daughter Bailee was one of Albrianna’s closest friends. The two were part of a group on the basketball team known as the three musketeers.

“We liked to run around the court because that was the only thing we were allowed to do without getting into trouble and we liked to follow each other everywhere we go. We like to hang out to hang out together and I’ve known her for about a year,” said Bailee.

Now, those who knew albrianna are holding tight to the memories of the smiles and laughs she brought them.

“As it went along it really brought energy to the team and she would get out there and loved playing basketball. I remember the one time she made a basket and she was always really quiet and she just screams out yeah baby and it was just funny,” said Gerych.

Albrianna’s funeral will be Wednesday at Oak Grove Funeral Home in Ludington with visitation beginning at 10.