Man Arrested for Home Invasion, Attempted Arson in Osceola Co. Identified

In this update, we can show you the man police say attacked a woman in her driveway in Osceola County.

They say it ended with attempted arson and a car crash.

Juan Aguilar of Evart is charged with home invasion, arson, resisting police and being a repeat offender.

State police say Aguilar was beating his chest and grunting when he attacked Wednesday.

The woman was able to get inside her home in Middle Branch Township.

Police say he tried stealing a car before pouring gas on the woman’s home and trying to light it on fire.

From there, police say he broke into the house and chased the woman.

She got back into her car, but Aguilar grabbed the steering wheel.

Police say it caused her to crash into a tree.

Aguilar was taken to the hospital, then jail.