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The Four

Wellness for the Family: Back to School

We know it’s only Mid-July, but we are starting to think about back to school here on ‘the four’.

Registered Dietitian Grace Derocha from was back in the Heritage House Kitchen to bring us some tips to get that back to school check list up and rolling.

One of the first things on that list is to schedule those physicals before the doctor’s office gets too busy.

Next is to get that sleep schedule back on track for an early wake-up call come September.

She also recommends getting ahead of the game with school supplies shopping to help budget and get exactly what you want.

Then of course comes that packed lunch which we are never sure our kids actually eat.

Try out some new food at home before sending it in their lunch pail to make sure it’s going to get eaten and even test out some new healthy treats to get them on track for healthy eating on the go.

For more on Wellness for the Family, watch the video above.