Troopers Arrest Man Accused of Attacking Woman in Osceola County

A man was arrested in Osceola County after Michigan State Police say he was seen trying to pull a woman from her car and tried to stab her with her keys.

Troopers say the woman was attacked when she pulled into her driveway and got out of her car.

She says the man was grunting loudly and beating his chest with his fist.

She managed to run into her house while he tried stealing another car.

State police say that’s when the man poured gas on the home and tried to light it on fire.

They say he then broke into the house through a window and chased her, but she was able to get back to her car.

Troopers say the man held onto the steering wheel as she tried to escape, causing her to crash into a tree.

State police say the suspect was grunting and glaring at anyone who would speak to him.

He was taken to the hospital to looked at.

He is being charged with home invasion, arson, resisting, unlawful driving away and as a repeat offender.