Seniors Have Options When it Comes to Staying Cool in High Temperatures

While most are looking to beat this heat, it’s especially important to be sure seniors are taking precautions and doing what they can to stay cool.

Comfort Keepers says older adult bodies don’t handle heat very well and sometimes they may not even notice symptoms of heat related illnesses.

Some symptoms include, “headache, nausea, if you start running a temperature,” said Bethany Korbel, the operations manager at Comfort Keepers.

These are some of the things to look out for as temperatures start to rise.

However, there are ways seniors can avoid these dangerous symptoms.

“They definitely need to stay hydrated, having plenty of liquids, avoiding a lot of alcohol or caffeine as those will tend to make them more dehydrated,” said Korbel.

Comfort Keepers even suggest avoiding too much outdoor activity between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

“Taking it easy. No extreme exertion or exercise,” said Korbel.

For seniors that do need to cool down, they can turn to the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network.

“People could have lunch with us or take part in a card game or a board game. We have the TV on so they can watch the news or have a Popsicle. I’m sure we’ll have cold water and popsicles,” said Lori Wells, the manager for the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network.

“Well I lived 16 years in northern Virginia so I understand hot and humid but that doesn’t mean I like it. I absolutely hated that,” said Nancy O’Hara.

O’Hara says when it gets this hot , she likes to stay indoors where she always finds something to do.

“Hand work and crafts and reading and whatever. I see very little television but I’ve never been bored in my life,” said O’Hara.

The Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network is open Friday for any seniors looking to cool off.

They serve lunch every day for just $3.