Kalkaska Co. Lake Access Closed for Oil Clean-Up

A public access boat launch is closed in Kalkaska County, after a driver found himself in the Lake.

That driver went into Crawford Lake earlier this week – but the sheriff’s office says the man didn’t report it. The Sheriff’s Office says the downstate driver went down the access road and into the water sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday. The man made it out, but it was his insurance company that finally reported it, on Wednesday.

Now, the access road is barricaded, and a cleanup is underway for the motor oil and fuel left by the car. A crew is using oil booms and absorbent materials to soak up the petroleum.

Undersheriff Dave Wagner says, “The story that we were provided with was that he was following his GPS and it took him out here.” He says the car was ultimately spotted in 15 feet of water and some 50 feet off shore.

The driver will be on the hook for the cost of the clean-up, which could reach several thousand dollars. He was also was cited for failing to report the accident.