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Hook and Hunting: Sturgeon Spotting in Boardman River

As anglers know, sturgeons are huge in Cheboygan County both literally and figuratively, but now one has been spotted in a river in Traverse City.

Todd Bosley made the sighting several weeks ago in the Boardman River, and that’s a pretty rare find. 

He took a video with his smartphone near the Union Street Bridge.

He says he was there for fishing, but just happened to look over the edge when he saw it.

Todd says the sturgeon was at least five feet long, and he says he’s never seen anything like it.

“Man how does something that big live around here and nobody ever sees him. Can’t explain it. That’s why it’s fishing, not catching,” said Bosley.

While it is unusual, it’s not the first time a sturgeon has been seen in the Boardman.

Another angler tells us he saw one back in the 1980’s.