Harbor Springs Public Schools’ Athletic Upgrades Deals with Delays

School District 'Frustrated' With How Long The Projects Are Taking

Harbor Springs Public Schools started an upgrade project over a year ago and it’s still not done.

“We have several sites throughout out city that had shown their age and haven’t had any updates in many years so the goal of the project was to give our athletes, our student athletes, facilities in which they could excel in and which the community could feel proud of,” said Michael Behrmann, superintendent of Harbor Springs Public Schools.

The goal turned to action when the $3.9 million project started in June 2018, with completion expected in November 2018.

“At present time none of our facilities are completed,” Behrmann said. “Some of our facilities are very close to being completed but we’re already eight months past the final competition date and I think myself, the board of education and our community are beyond frustrated.”

“Some of our sports have been effected our baseball team had to be relocated to Burt Lake, the largest track meet of the season for us had to be relocated to Charlevoix because our track surface wasn’t ready,” Behrmann said.

At Ottawa Stadium, the field was ready for game time but it was the concession stand that was leaving fans a little hungry and students with one less way to fund raise.

“We’ve heard a lot of excuses from the contractor, there has been finger pointing, there’s been issues with subcontractors but none the less the contractor’s responsibility is to ensure that this contract gets completed,” Behrmann said.

Behrmann tells us the contractor is Spence Brothers of Traverse City. We reached out to them for comment, but did not hear back before deadline Thursday. They told us Friday that there are two sides to every story, and they are working to finish the job in Harbor Springs.

The district just wants it done.

“We’re frustrated with getting the rest of the job done, it needs to be completed,” Behrmann said. “I need these jobs completed period.”