Arrive Alive Teaches Kids in Lake Co. Dangers of Driving Under the Influence

Through their own eyes and a pair of special goggles, students got to see the dangers in driving under the influence.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office hosted the event to spread an important message to  the younger generation, driving under the influence is not safe.

With special goggles and a golf cart, students got to feel what it would be like to be drunk, while driving through an obstacle course.

Trying to avoid the obstacles gives kids a safe way of learning the dangers of driving under the influence.

“We will be building a healthier community if we can get our youth to understand the dangers of using alcohol and drugs, especially at a young age,” said Lake County Coalition Member, Shawn Washington.

The sheriff’s office hosted the course with help from the Lake County Communities that Care Organization.

It’s a community-based coalition working to help cut down on youth substance abuse.