Nearly 18 Hour Standoff at St. Ignace Truck Stop Ends With No Injuries

After almost 18 hours, an armed standoff with police at a truck stop in Saint Ignace ended peacefully Wednesday.

The Mackinac County sheriff tells us at about 8 Tuesday night they received a call from a Florida woman who told them her husband was there contemplating taking his own life.

Deputies arrived at the scene, and the man continued to threaten to take his own life.

Deputies then created a perimeter around the man.

The sheriff says their negotiator was speaking to the man and talks were cut off at one point in the night.

They were able to restart communication with the man Wednesday afternoon, and convinced him to come out.

“He never threatened any of the officers or any of the public. At this point we do not expect any charges, our main focus was to make sure that the individual was safe and gets to the care that he needs,” says Mackinac County Sheriff Scott Strait.

The sheriff tells us the man was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.