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Meet Up, Eat Up and Read Up: Mason County Summer Lunch Program

Students across Northern Michigan are celebrating summer! Spending time at the beach, hanging out with friends and making memories that will last a lifetime!

But among the chaos that summer brings — eating a nutritious meal is equally important. The Mason County Central Food Service is offering a Summer lunch program called, “Meet Up, Eat Up and Read Up”is a non income based program for kids ages 8-18 years of age.

Mary Ann Nielsen, The Mason County Central Food Service Coordinator says, “We feed kids all through the school year so why not feed them through the summer?”

This program feeds an estimated 200 children a day and takes place at the Upper Elementary, Pere Marquette School, Emanuel Church, Ludington Library and WaterFront Park Monday-Friday from 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM.

Tirza, who is 9 years-old and comes to the WaterFront Park, regularly uses this program with her family. “there’s some people who like can’t really afford lunch or something so they can come down here and get some food for the summer meals and I think that’s really nice that they’re taking their time to do this for us.”

Tirza’s mom, Mariam Nead, is a mother of four. She says, “It is such a blessing to us – having four children. They eat a lot obviously so having a free meal really helps us out.”

These children aren’t just walking away with healthy, nutritious meals. They are walking away with books each day donated by Power Book Bags, Ludington Public Schools and Mason County Central, who collectively have donated thousands of books to promote reading at home.

If you want more information on the program, contact Mary Ann Nielsen at (231) 757- 5721