Garden Theater in Frankfort Hosting Documentary Screening, Q&A With Filmmaker

If you’re interested in plants and helping the ecosystem, there’s some events in Frankfort Wednesday and Thursday that are for you.

Plant it Wild is hosting author and filmmaker Catherine Zimmermann.

The three events will focus on native plant species and the role they can play for grassland environments.

Those environments help create specific habitats which benefit the ecosystem.

Zimmermann will be speaking at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Frankfort Wednesday night at 7 and will explain how to make a meadow where you live.

“It would be both inspiring and educational. Tomorrow will be looking at grass lands, until you’ve really stood in one and looked around at the various plants, grasses and flowers that are there you sort of don’t get the river, the lakes and the immense feeling of it and you can recreate that in a smaller scale in your home,” says Cheryl Gross, president of Plant it Wild

The Garden Theater will play Zimmermann’s documentary Thursday at 3.

That will be followed by a Q&A with Zimmermann.