Eighth Street Construction Workers Take Precautions in the Heat

For those with jobs that have them working outside, it can be tough in this heat.

But the Team Elmer’s workers on Eighth Street in Traverse City aren’t letting it slow them down.

Hard hats, heavy machinery and a whole lot of heat.

Summertime means construction season in northern Michigan.

To stay safe, these crews have to take a lot into consideration.

“The big thing we focus on is really hydration. Focusing on making sure we take the breaks in the morning and afternoon, especially later in the afternoon when things get hotter,” said Nick Broad, a project manager at Team Elmer’s.

When things get hotter, energy can get lower.

“It does tire you out as you get through the day,” said Broad. “Making sure you’re getting plenty of rest at night and avoiding things that are going to dehydrate you like alcohol or Monster Energy drinks.”

For construction workers out here Wednesday, the heat index is at 80. Thursday is expected to be at least 90 and Friday, at least 100.

“Believe it or not, the more you work in hot weather, your body kind of gets acclimated just a little bit,” said Tony Lawhead, a supervisor at Team Elmer’s.

It gets especially hot for the workers ten feet underground in a trench.

“There’s not a lot of breeze, even if there’s a breeze up top. By the time you get underground, it’s that much hotter because you’re sitting still under the sun but you don’t get the cooling effect of the wind,” said Broad.

So taking a break to cool off in the shade is crucial.

“We have to just watch out for heat stroke, heat exhaustion,” said Lawhead. “During the heat we try to keep a quick eye on all that and al the foremen are aware of what to look for and everything.”

If the heat becomes too much to handle, Team Elmer’s says they’ll cut the work day short for their crews out in the sun.