2 Michigan Republicans Who Didn’t Condemn President’s Tweets Explain

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to condemn racially-charged comments from President Trump, aimed at four congresswomen.

The resolution passed mostly along party lines late last night, with four Republicans and one Independent voting with Democrats.

The resolution denounces the president’s comments made on Twitter in which he implied the four Democratic representatives of color should return to the countries they came from.

All four of them are U.S. Citizens, and all but one were born in the U.S.

Northern Michigan Republicans who voted no on the measure to condemn the president’s comments explained their decision.

1st District Rep. Jack Bergman says in part:

“To be clear, my opposition to this resolution has nothing to do with my colleagues’ gender, religion, or race, nor does it have anything to do with President Trump’s tweets. I just flat out don’t agree with the content of my liberal colleagues’ policies. Opposition to their beliefs does not equal racism.”

And the 4th District’s John Moolenaar says:

“The resolution pushed on the House floor is partisan and fails to account for inflammatory remarks made by some house Democrats. These attacks have no place in our discourse because Americans expect their leaders to work together to solve the nation’s problems.”