Michigan Members of Congress on President’s Tweets: ‘Wrong, Racist & Hurtful’

The fallout surrounding a racially charged Twitter attack from President Trump continues.

House Democrats could introduce a resolution Tuesday to condemn the president’s actions.

Over the weekend, the president tweeted that four congresswomen of color should return to their home countries.

All four of the lawmakers are U.S. citizens and only one is not native-born.

The House measure says the tweets, “Have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color.”

But President Trump doubled down on his tweets Monday, calling the congresswomen “anti-American.”

Some Republicans have condemned the comments, calling them “racist and xenophobic.”

While others are defending the president, saying he is just “frustrated.”

House Democrats plan to vote on their resolution sometime this week.

Some Republicans from Michigan are also calling-out the comments.

6th Congressional District Fred Upton tweeted:

“Frankly, I’m appalled by the president’s tweets. There’s no excuse. Inflammatory rhetoric from both sides of the aisle that is used to divide us just isn’t right…the president’s tweets were flat out wrong and uncalled for, and I would encourage my colleagues from both parties to stop talking so much and start governing more.”

10th District Republican Paul Mitchell said:

“We must be better than comments like these. I share the political frustrations with some members of the other party, but these comments are beneath leaders.”

Republican Congressman Bill Huizenga, from Michigan’s 2nd District:

“I strongly disagree with what the President said in a series of tweets over the weekend. Every duly elected official needs to lead by example, end the personal character assassination attacks, and focus on finding ways to work together to make America the very best it can be. We are better than this—let’s start showing it.”

And U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, a Democrat:

“The President’s comments that sitting members of Congress — who are American — should go back to the countries where they came from are wrong, racist and hurtful. I know such bigotry won’t deter my fellow members of Congress from their work on behalf of the American people.”