Man Shares Story After Finding Missing 2-Year-Old

2-year-old Gabriella Vitale was found on the steps of a home about a half mile west of where she was last seen on Reber Road, after crews searched for more than 24 hours.

Family, police and so many in the community are relieved to know she is alive and well.

On top of the multiple police agencies that helped, so did volunteers from the area.

Volunteers came out Tuesday morning to help find 2-year-old Gabriella Vitale.

“When something like this happens you know everybody wants to help,” Mike Owens said.

Mike Owens and his work colleagues were glad they were in the right place at the right time. Gabriella walked up to the porch of the home they were in early Tuesday afternoon.

“When I saw her walk up to the door, I said ‘oh my gosh, there’s a girl at the door,’ and they didn’t believe me at first,” Owens said.

Knowing that Gabriella was missing, they were shocked to see her.

“Grabbed her, got her in the hands of some moms. Got another member of my team calling police, got her some water, got her a towel,” he said.

They say she was in good spirits.

“She reached up to me like she knew me because I think she had not been with someone for so long that she needed somebody,” Owens said.

An officer arrived to pick up Gabriella within five minutes.

“When she got in the car to head towards her family, she was in the arms of the conservation officer and waving at ya like this and smiling at us like this as she was going,” he said.

Mike says he’s not sure if Gabriella realized how lucky she was, but she sure was happy.

“Smart 2 year old. You can call it a miracle. There were prayers going out last night,” he said.

Police say they’re thankful they were able to bring Gabriella home to her family happy and healthy.