Houghton Lake Woman Shares Recording of Father’s Report on Apollo 11 Launch

The father of a woman who now calls northern Michigan home reported on the launch of Apollo 11 50 years ago.

Carolyn Cromwell’s father, Carl, was at the launch with her brother and did the report for  Flint area radio station.

Carolyn still has the recording of that report and shared it with 9&10 News Tuesday.

It was 50 years ago when Carolyn Cromwell’s father Carl and her brother set off for the launch of Apollo 11. Carl, was well connected with flint radio personality Bill Lamb who asked Carl to do a report on the launch as it happened.

“He was there, he witnessed it and it had to have been overwhelming because you don’t get that close to that much power and know that they’re going to land on the moon and come back,” said Carolyn.

Carl started his report about a minute before the launch.

“They’re on rooftops, on top of cars wherever you look it’s just one mass of cars and people. You should get quite a blast of noise from that proximity, everybody is worried about the blast, they figure it’s going to be the greatest blast they’ve ever had down here and let’s see how many seconds do we have now, and we’re down to 16 seconds Bill,” said Carl.

Seconds later, came the moment that propelled man to a new part of our world.

“Liftoff! There she goes, a big cloud of smoke Bill, it looks like the first atomic bomb and to the right of it a great big fiery red at the bottom of the missile. The missile is climbing beautifully. The fire is actually as bright as the sun down here. Climbing beautifully that’s all you can see,” said Carl.

And this final observation from Carl as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins raced toward the moon.

“It’s just a speck now, that’s all you can say about it, it looks like a star in the sky,” said Carl.

A fitting metaphor for a mission that continues to inspire awe and wonder half a century later.