Cadillac Woman Drowns While Tubing on Manistee River

A Cadillac woman has died after tubing on the Manistee River.

The Wexford County Sheriff’s Office says the 32 year old was tubing on the river in Manton near the Chippewa Landing campground around 1 p.m, when her inner tubes, tied together, got stuck in a fallen tree.

She was entangled and unable to get out, and the current pulled her under. Emergency response crews found her body at 2 p.m.

What was a sunny day turned tragic, and now, some hope what happened can encourage others to take extra safety precautions on the water this summer.

The River Outfitters in Traverse City says you cannot rely on an inner tube as a personal flotation device.

“When you’re on a tube, you don’t think that you need a life jacket, you think the tube is going to be enough for you,” said John Scott Hammond, who manages the River Outfitters.

The owner of the shop says to be prepared for conditions on the water body you’re recreating, and know your personal limits.

“We tell people that they should never be further away from the shore than they can swim,” said owner Tawny Hammond. “You want to be with a group, you want to be with a buddy, you want to be with somebody.”

And if you end up in a current, do not try to swim against it to get out.

“It’s better to just kind of go with it and trying to get to the main channel,” said Tawny Hammond.

If you’re going out on the water choose a craft that is puncture proof always bring a personal floatation device, even if you’re in shallow water. Conditions can change quickly and the equipment could save your life.