Village of Marion Fundraising to Restore Historic Mill Pond

The village of Marion is trying to restore their historic mill pond, and they’re nearing their $150,000 fundraising goal.

The village has $104,000 right now from donations and a grant from the Osceola County Community Foundation.

They want to use the money to restore the Marion Mill Pond, formed back in 1878.

It’s become too shallow and warm.

The village will start fixing it next month with part one of the project.

After they complete the flood control project, the village president says they hope to get the permits to allow them to drain the pond and clean out the muck and sediment.

Those who live nearby look forward to it.

“We’re excited about it because early in my life, I swam all over that pond and it was much deeper at that time, but it has since filled in.”

The village hopes to raise the remainder of the money they need at the Marion Old Fashioned Days on August 2.