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The Four

Have you Lost or Found Something Important?

Have you ever lost something and wondered where it could have possible ended up?

Well this man from Cypress, California was given back a possession he lost in his divorce – his class ring.   A woman in Kentucky purchased the ring at a garage sale after finding it in a bag of nearly 3,000 rings.

She took it home, cleaned it up, and started her search.

So the ring had a couple clues: Cy-Fair High School, 1988, and the name Scott engraved onto the side.

Well it turns out that is this guy’s middle name is Scott and his first name is Thomas.

She joined a Facebook page in Cypress and found the owner of the ring, Thomas Poole who now lives in Florida.

If you find something sentimental, you can always post it on our lost and found page to help find its owner and hopefully have a fun story to tell from it.