Hot Rod Fans Enjoy 4th Annual Home Builders Thunder in Mt. Pleasant


The Home Builders Thunder raced back to Mt. Pleasant for the 4th year straight year.

Motor enthusiasts from all over came out Saturday for a whole line-up of beautiful cars and motorcycles.

Loud engines, fast cars and even some classics were on display in downtown Mt. Pleasant.

The Home Builders Association with Rods held the event from 8 a.m. to 3 pm.

People came out and enjoyed the weather while looking at their favorite past and present vehicles.

“It’s a great show! It’s up and down the streets here in Mt. Pleasant. It’s really quality cars and a lot of good conversation. People love cars, so it’s a great time” said attendee Robert Kunkle.

The event had something for everyone.

It featured classic 1960s rides to newly-released high-end sports cars.