Petoskey, 700 Cities Around Globe Host Lights for Liberty Vigil to Protest Issues at Mexican Border

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is expected to start raids beginning this weekend to detain and deport illegal immigrants in ten cities.

Friday night more than 700 cities across the globe, including Petoskey, rallied for the Lights for Liberty vigil, protesting against the crisis at the border, immigrant detentions and conditions at migrant centers.

A new report from the House Oversight Committee shows children are being held in government custody for an average of 90 days. They say more than 21 children have spent a year in detention facilities.

More than 100 people protested with signs and speeches on Mitchell street in Downtown Petoskey.

Some said their cause is less about politics and more about humanitarian rights.

“I’m just sick of debating the humanity of these people they have intrinsically just as much value as we do,” said protester Sarah Williams.

“For me, it doesn’t even really matter what side you’re on it’s just really a horrible thing to see,” said Alicia S. of Cadillac. “We just feel really sad about what’s going on in the detention camps with the children and the families that are being separated.”

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence visited a detention center in Texas and children told him they were being treated well.

President Trump said the ICE raids this weekend are necessary.

“People come into our country illegally, we’re taking them out legally, it’s very simple,” said President Trump. “They’re going to take people out and bring them back to their countries they’re going to take criminals out and put them in prison.”