DNR Setting New Regulations to Help Combat CWD in Deer

Hunters, you’ll want to pay attention to this.

The DNR is making some changes when it comes to hunting deer.

The changes are aimed at combating the spread of chronic wasting disease in deer.

The disease effects the brains and nervous system of deer, moose, and elk.

There is no cure.

The DNR wants to continue a ban on baiting and feeding in the Lower Peninsula, but it also adds an area in the U.P. around Menominee, Delta and Dickinson counties where CWD was detected.

You can, however, now use scent lures, as long as they are secure in places where a deer cannot get to.

“Studies have shown that over time more and more animals can become infected with the disease ultimately having population level impacts, so we’re trying our best to try to get some sort of handle on this and manage it so it’s not gonna have any long term population level impacts here in Michigan,” said Deer Biologist for the DNR, Chad Stewart.

For a complete list of regulations, click here.