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Northern Michigan’s Summer Storm Cleanup

The Milton Township Fire Department is one among several other organizations and individuals that had some cleaning up to do after the summer storm Wednesday.

Strong summer storms hit parts of Northern Michigan, leaving many people to wake up to what was left behind. Many saw damage and thousands lost power.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the thousands of people who went to bed last night without power

That number is going down, and many woke up with power back on.

9&10 News’ Christine Kanerva joins us live from Alden one of the harder hit areas, with how things are looking Thursday Morning.

Also in Antrim County, Road Commission crews spent several hours Wednesday night clearing debris after the storm.

Watch the video above to see a clip posted to the Milton Township Fire Department’s . It shows crews clearing a large tree from Hickin Road.

Many trees also fell on power lines.

In the video, the fire department says a power line eventually burned through a branch.

Again, the power outages caused by the storm are clearing up.