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Grand Traverse Protesters Gather in Lansing For Inman Resignation

Two months since being indicted by a federal Grand Jury, Representative Larry Inman is still missing from his duties in Lansing.

While still technically in office, he has been removed from all committees, his office has been closed and leaders from both sides of the aisle have asked him to resign.

Today in Lansing, a group of his constituents rallied for him to resign so they can get a replacement in.

Inman was indicted of attempted bribery, attempted extortion and lying to the FBI. Since then, he has been removed from his position at the capital and that has left Grand Traverse County without representation inside the building.

“Each day that goes by that he still in office, is another day we’re not getting represented,” says Gabrielle Bohrer of Traverse City.

“It has been almost 2 months and still we’re in limbo,” says Kathy Tuckerman of Traverse City, “Who knows when there’s going to be any action.”

Their biggest issue is a lack of representation. While Inman is out, they can only rely on voluntary help from surrounding representatives.

“We don’t even have someone that can vote,” says Tuckerman, “Those people can’t vote for us and their constituents may have different concerns than our constituents.”

Whether a resignation or a forced expulsion, these protesters want to start the process of finding new leadership.

“If we don’t get his attention to step down then we should be putting pressure on others to recognize what is happening,” says Bohrer.

Inman’s lawyer says this is premature and the case needs to play out in the courts.

“In any other position, there would be nobody calling for his job,” says Chris Cooke, “They’d actually be protecting his job. He’s entitled to be innocent until proven guilty. The man has no obligation to step away from any job.”

“He can play it out in court but the right thing for him to do is to step aside and let us get representation,” says Bohrer, “As soon as possible.”

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