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Dancing With the Y Stars 2019

Promo Image: Dancing With the Y Stars 2019

The Dancing with the Y Stars is an important fundraising event for the Cadillac YMCA!

All proceeds from Dancing with the Y goes to the Cadillac Area YMCA’s annual fundraising campaign. The Y for All campaign will help provide financial assistance to those who can’t afford the Y.

This campaign also encourages social responsibility to care for others in our community, impacts youth and helps the Y run community outreach programs.

Tickets to the event are already sold out, but the voting portion has only just begun!

9&10 News invites you to at a $5.00 donation level (or higher) for anyone in the amazing cast (especially ‘the four’ Producer, and her dancing partner, ).

Voting is open now and you can do so as many times as you are able!

The Dancing with the Y Stars event is on October 12th, but don’t let that date fool you– we are about three months away!

Let’s take this time to raise some money that invests in our youth!