Crews Across the State Working to Clean Up Wednesday Night Storm Damage

Some homeowners in Northern Michigan are cleaning things up Thursday after last night’s severe weather and high winds.

It wasn’t widespread damage, but where the storms hit hardest there is plenty of destruction.

Powerful winds knocked down trees and limbs and some of them came down on cars, homes and power lines in places around Torch Lake.

“We heard some crack and thumps on the roof like we had some big limbs that came down on our roof but no damage,” said homeowner Ann Burkham.

No damage to Ann Burkham’s house, but her neighbor’s car was smashed by a tree during the storm.

“We’re still cleaning up a lot, been a lot of morning clean up here, but this is just the beginning,” said Burkham.

Just across the street, a tree fell onto someone’s roof.

Around the corner another tree was up rooted, now hanging onto cable and telephone lines.

In Bellaire, trees fell onto a truck, smashing its back window and completely covered the truck.

Over in Otsego County, trees fell onto Hayes Tower Road and the Otsego County emergency manager tells us they were able to clean it up quite quickly.

That’s been the case for crews in Antrim County too.

“I give great credit to our road commission and to our volunteer firefighters. They were all very very busy last night. They started going out about 9 o’clock last night going to reported cases of trees down,” said Antrim County Emergency Operations Director, Leslie Meyers. For the most part everything that was done people are out taking care of today.”

Meyers also told us that while crews are still cleaning things up, all roads in Antrim County are passible.