Rep. Inman’s Attorney Doesn’t Want Trial Delayed

US Attorney's Office seeking 30-day delay in trial

State Representative Larry Inman has a court date next week – but the US Attorney’s office wants to delay the trial.

The Republican lawmaker from Grand Traverse County is facing federal charges for charges for Attempted Extortion, Soliciting a Bribe, and lying to the FBI.

Inman is the Representative serving Grand Traverse County in the Michigan House. He was indicted by a federal grand jury in May. It led fellow lawmakers to draft a resolution urging Inman to resign, and he was removed from the House Republican Caucus

Last month Inman’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss charges claiming there’s no federal jurisdiction over a state lawmaker – and the defense also announced their intention to use Inman’s diminished cognitive capacity due to prescription opioid use, as part of his legal defense.

Since then, 9&10 News has learned federal prosecutors have asked to delay the August trial by 30 days. Inman’s attorney, Christopher Cooke, says, “We’d rather have this matter resolved before the house gets back into session. And I’m sure they would too.”

But Cooke adds the request for a delay is understandable, assuming prosecutors want more time to review the “diminished cognitive capacity”, along with medical records, and an opportunity to have their own expert witness. “So they’ve moved the court for some additional time to do that. We’re not amenable to that, we do not want this matter adjourned. We’d like to go to trial on August 6. There’s a number of reasons I would like to put this behind Larry, one way or the other. We believe that the time is right to get to a jury and get this matter resolved for him.”

Inman’s pre-trial hearing is set for next week. A federal judge could rule on the motion to dismiss the case, as well as motion to delay the trial.

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