UK Ambassador Resigns After Fallout From Comments on Trump Administration

The British ambassador whose leaked cables contained highly critical comments about the president and his administration has just resigned.

U.K. Ambassador Kim Darroch said in a letter that even though his term was due to end this year, he believes it is best to step down and appoint a new ambassador.

Prime Minister Theresa Maysaid it was a matter of regret that Darroch resigned.

In the leaked wires, Darroch called the Trump administration “dysfunctional,” “unpredictable,” “clumsy” and “inept.”

That prompted the president to say on Twitter that Darroch is a “wacky” and “very stupid guy” whom he would “no longer deal with.”

Darroch said he doesn’t believe his dispatches were any more harsh than those sent by ambassadors representing other close U.S. allies.

Before Darroch’s resignation, U.K. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is vying for the prime minister job, had vowed to keep Darroch on. And the U.S. State Department had said it would not cut ties with the now former  British ambassador.