Excitement Building for New Businesses at Cadillac Junction

“Yeah we stop here everyday after work if we’re working in town.”

An area with a lot of traffic and a lot of possibilities is moving forward in Cadillac.

After more than a decade of discussion over the property on M-55 at U.S. 131 east of Cadillac, the city of Cadillac and Clam Lake Township finally are on the same page.

The junction project began 12 years ago and developers built a gas station and convenience store, but stopped other projects because of land disputes.

Cadillac proposed a settlement that gave them control of the site.

But Haring and Clam Lake wanted more representation on a joint planning commission.

Now that Clam Township and city have come to an agreement, all eyes are the potential for the Cadillac junction.

The mayor of Cadillac, Carla Filkins tells us this coming Monday the Cadillac City Council plans to finalize its agreement with the townships on the Cadillac Junction property.

It’s progress in which the city sees endless opportunity.

“I think that the opportunity for the area is the most important thing. There’s things that people would like to see out here. But this agreement actually gives us the opportunity to do that,” Filkins said.

When it comes to this now empty building and the area around it finally being put to use, the local buzz is loud.

“We stop here on occasion and look over there and be like ‘well I wonder what’s going to go in there and when it going to happen,’” says Jenny Engle, who lives in LeRoy.

Jenny Engle is far from the only one to have that thought.

“I mean as long as we’ve been coming up here when they built that building, we’ve seen it built and just empty so it would be nice to see them do something more with it,” she said.

Chris Beach regularly stops at the gas station on his way to Canada.

“It is, it’s nice right off the highway, coming from 131 and then cutting across 55 over to 127, it’s a nice stop and it’s a good half a tank of gas from Kalamazoo so we’re always stopping here to get gas,” he said.

More food options top the list for the locals we found.

“Different restaurants would be nice or something a little different something newer,” Chazz Flynn, who lives in McBain said.

“So food would be good, more food other that Tim Hortons which that’s not bad,” Beach said.

The mayor’s office confirms the exact businesses have yet to be named, but hopes for a number of different options, including dining.

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