Emergency Preparedness Kit Essentials for Summer Storm Season

When a big summer storm is on the move, local emergency managers are on top of all the what if’s.

Like the possibility of power outages, flooding, downed trees and lines and medical emergencies.

“We have been in constant communication with fire and EMS agencies around the county as well as the road commission, and even the utility companies are communicating with us that the crews are ready to go out when needed,” said Leelanau County Emergency Manager, Matt Ansorge.

And when the power goes out, it’s critical to have an emergency kit.

“In this kit I mainly have water, my cooler for my water, band aids, flash lights for when you’re ready for a flashlight. If the power goes out, you’re going to need a flashlight. And you have more options than just your basic model. When you’re buying a flashlight, pay attention to how many lumens it has. While this flashlight is bigger, it only has 60 lumens so it’s just going to spotlight just what is in front of it. If you want something a little more powerful to illuminate an entire room use a lantern. This guy has 300 lumens so that is going to be very bright. And finally, there are options that attach to a wall that light up hallways or an entire area of your home,” said Service Manager at Roy’s General Store, Chris Smith.

Another thing to consider in your kit, a chainsaw.

“In the case that that might happen tonight or tomorrow it might be high winds you never know when the trees are going to fall down or have limbs breaking down,” said Smith.

And emergency managers also recommend charging your cell phone.