Dave’s Garage Offering Scholarships to TBAYS Girls Soccer Program

This U.S. Women’s Soccer Team World Cup win is encouraging young girls everywhere to play and so is a Traverse City business.

Dave’s Garage just announced a new scholarship for girls in the TBAYS Soccer Program.

They’re hoping their donation will allow any girl in Traverse City the opportunity to play this sport and who knows, maybe one day even win a World Cup?

“I think that’s really important that they’re starting it at a young age and encouraging that in the community,” said Reigan Buttleman, a local soccer player.

Adding on to the victory of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s second straight World Cup win, added incentive for girls in the TBAYS Soccer Program to follow their dreams.

The nearly $2,500 scholarships will pay for things to get players started.

“Administration fees, their equipment for shin guards and jerseys and stuff like that because there is money involved,” said Jamie Laferriere, the co-owner of Dave’s Garage.

Their goal is to empower young girls to play soccer, who without the financial assist, might not have the opportunity.

“We just really believe that strong, empowered young women is good for everyone,” said Laferriere.

Kylie Ball has dreams to play in college one day and says she’s thankful Dave’s Garage is helping girls like her if they need it.

“A lot of people don’t have the money to play soccer and be blessed with soccer and stuff so I think it’s a really good privilege that we have,” said Ball.

Reigan Buttleman has played the game she loves for eight years now.

“The intensity. The competition. I’m really competitive so going out on the field and it’s working as a team and knowing you have teammates out there that have your back,” said Buttleman.

It’s one that she hopes others choose to play, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

“It’s a really great sport and giving it a shot to get out there and playing with your friends, it just it betters you,” said Buttleman.