Calls For Resignation of U.S. Labor Secretary Over Epstein’s Lenient Sentence

U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is under increased scrutiny right now.

Critics say he cut a sweetheart deal for multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein back in 2008.

Acosta was working as federal prosecutor in South Florida when Epstein was charged 11 years ago for sex crimes.

A secret deal was made between the two, giving Epstein the watered down sentence of only 13 months.

Federal prosecutors unsealed new charges of sex trafficking against Epstein on Monday. For years he has been accused of preying on young girls at his homes in New York City and Palm Beach.

Many are now saying that Acosta must resign because he cannot be trusted.

But President Trump says he believes many judges and attorneys wish they could have handled things differently in the past.

President Trump signaled that he would stand with Acosta, who is expected to keep his cabinet position.