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Traverse City Teen Turning a Dream into a Reality with Virtual Reality Arcade

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Brent Brisbois is a 16 year-old student at Traverse City West who plays lacrosse, loves spending time with his friends and building computers. But Brent spends his time outside of the classroom turning his dreams into a reality.

Brent’s mom, Mary Brisbois says “He’s super curious. Like insatiably curious. And like many kids he thinks he can just do anything and so in addition to this insatiable curiosity he will go after anything he wants.”

Brent Brisbois doesn’t have a driver’s license but owns a business license for Verge of Reality in Traverse City. A Virtual Reality Arcade that is new to Northern Michigan. This new arcade can be best described as being in the game.

“You see everything. You see all the way around you – like you can look around and the game surrounds you – you can hear everything and interact and feel things with the vibrations in the controls and interact with things around you,” says Brent Brisbois.

But this didn’t just happen overnight. Bren wrote business plans and applied for loans. A learning experience that is taking place outside of the classroom. “I believe that kids are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for and if we give them opportunities to see their visions through and support them and accept them when they fail and pick them back up. I think that families can be amazed to see what their families are capable of,” says Mary Brisbois.

For anyone hoping to accomplish something big just remember three simple steps. “Have a dream. Have a goal. Go after it. Like stay positive and work on it a little bit every single day and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish,” says Mary Brisbois.

They offer free demos. If you are looking to visit,

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