Mason County Sheriff’s Office Mourning the Loss of Beloved K-9 Deputy Cash

“Your canines are irreplaceable. They really are,” said Sheriff Kim Cole with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of their K-9 Cash, gone too soon and unexpectedly.

His handler, Deputy Ken Baum found him dead in his crate Monday afternoon.

Preliminary results are looking like his stomach twisted, which is the second leading cause of police dog deaths following assault.

K-9 Cash won awards for his service.

Cole says his loss is impacting the everyone.

“Cash is a loss for the whole community and the whole community knows that,” said Cole.

He came to Mason County in 2012 and started working the roads in 2013.

Cole says cash was responsible for getting a lot of bad guys off the streets.

“They do all the things that the guys don’t want to do. They’re tracking through the swamps and mud and dirt and snow and checking buildings for bad guys,” said Cole.

When it came to good cop, bad cop, he played both.

“He could be kind when he wanted to be kind and then he could be kind of a jerk when he wanted to be a jerk and that’s what you look for in a police dog. One that can walk that line and Cash was able to do that,” said Cole.

He even received international attention after bringing an autistic child back to his family after he had wandered off.

“The boy wouldn’t come to the handler so ken released the dog on a long lead to befriend the boy and Cash was able to convince him to follow him out of the woods,” explained Cole.

Cole says cash is irreplaceable.

“He was by far our most favorite officer, our deputy here at the office. Everybody loved cash,” said Cole.

He says they’re extremely thankful for the continued support they’ve seen from the community.

“Our public loved our dog and our public so much supports our agency that you know we know they’re always there for us,” said Cole.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office says surrounding counties will allow for K-9 services to continue until K-9 Diego is ready to take on Cash’s duties.