Beloved Evart Librarian Has Been Working for 50 Years

Lilas Vanscoyoc doesn’t remember exactly what year she started working at the Evart Community Library, but when customers come in 50 years later, they remember Vanscoyoc’s smiling face.

She believes she started working at the Evart Library in 1969, and still today she’s handing out library cards to excited readers.

“My job is interesting, it’s a lot of work, but it’s interesting and it’s fun to meet all of these people and know that you’re bringing information and services to people,” Vanscoyoc says.

She’s been with the library through three renovations, a growing outside community and the development of the internet and e-books.

“We have checked out as many as 300 books per day, now that tells me people are still reading. I don’t care what anybody says,” Vanscoyoc says.

Although she does miss the old way of checking out books.

“The thing that’s the most fun is meeting people and checking books in and out, but as we’ve grown and got busier,” she says. “I don’t get to do that much anymore.”

Lilas will say she works behind the scenes, but her community says she’s more. She’s a teacher and a mother.

Terri Fritz, a volunteer at the Evart Library, says, “I’ve seen little kids come in that can barely see over the counter and they want a book about something and she knows exactly what book they’re talking about and she take them right to it and show them where it’s at.”

Lilas is the center of the community—located at the center of the community.

“Without her the library would lose its pulse,” Fritz says. “She’s always going to be our grandma, I guess. She’s always going to look out for us and she does in any way that she can.”

And Lilas has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“I mean, why would you quit a job that you love?” She asks.

You can meet Lilas at the library this week for their book fair, bake sale and Meet The Author event going on throughout the week of July 8 through July 12.

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