BATA Buses Provide 29,000+ Rides During National Cherry Festival

Bay Area Transportation Authority released their numbers for rides during this year’s National Cherry Festival.

BATA says their buses provided more than 29,000 rides at the event.

That’s a 60-percent jump compared to last year.

BATA says all those rides helped cut down on car trips by almost 19,000.

Numbers they say are promising.

“Being able to take advantage of a free public transportation option is catching on for folks, they’re realizing, hey, I don’t mind parking my car at a park-n-ride lot and leaving my vehicle there and just hopping on a bus and taking it down to the festivities. So it’s really helping to get more vehicles off the road,” says the communications and development coordinator for BATA, Eric Lingaur.

BATA says it will offer free rides again to this year’s Traverse City Film Festival.

That kicks off later this month.

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