Baldwin Business Volunteers to Clean Up Vandalized Park

A local company is coming to the rescue in Baldwin, volunteering to help clean up a vandalized park covered in glass.

We told you about the destruction at Hollister Park last week.

It had to be shut down because of broken glass on the ground, a broken table, and police say someone urinated on the slides.

The village says cleanup could have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But Tuesday, Sandtastic Beach Service of Baldwin volunteered to sift the glass out of the sand for free.

“I find it heartbreaking like I know a lot of the residents doing unfortunately we have people that do things like this and I just I had the time and I know my crew was willing to donate their time as well, I feel doing it for nothing is my way of giving back,”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office asks if you have any information on who vandalized the park to give them a call.