MTM On The Road: Lit’l Cuppa Tea Trailers in Manton

A Northern Michigan woman made her dream of having a tea room come to life!

Brenda Wilson added a twist to the tea room tradition, and is now in her third year of owning and operating Lit’l Cuppa Tea Trailers in Manton.

Brenda serves tea in three vintage trailers and the relaxing experience offers four courses of different foods like scones, soup, sandwiches, and more.

The three trailers are called Lit’l Cuppa Hope, Lit’l Cuppa Love, Lit’l Cuppa Faith, and they include tea decorations Brenda has collected over the past 25 years.

This unique experience is unlike any other and will be your new summer retreat.

Wake up with Regan Blissett and Stephanie Adkins as they take a tour of the trailers and have a tea party of their own!

To learn more, contact Brenda Wilson at 231-824-3043 or



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