Manistee Adult Foster Care Homeowner Charged with Elder Abuse

“It’s sad. We always grew up—my generation—you respect your elders,” says Sarah Howard, the executive director for the Council on Aging in Manistee.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel charged a Manistee adult foster care homeowner with elder abuse.

9&10 News reported last week Danielle Baysinger, owner of Birchwood Adult Foster Care, was charged with four misdemeanor counts of fourth degree vulnerable adult abuse and four felony counts of delivering a controlled substance.

Baysinger is accused of giving anxiety medication to a resident without a prescription.

After a special investigation from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, LARA is recommending Baysinger’s license be revoked.

“There’s a lot of things that happen to seniors that people would be surprised about,” Howard says.

Violations found at Birchwood Adult Foster Care include providing a resident with anxiety medication they were not prescribed, not completing incident reports and blocking doors with tables in the home.

9&10 News went to the adult foster care home to see if anyone would be willing to comment. They declined.

The report states that the medication given to the resident was prescribed to a former resident who died in October 2018.

The report also says Baysinger and staff members all claim the resident would physically and emotionally abuse them.

“I was really surprised,” Howard says. “Their license should really be investigated before it’s ever given back, if it’s ever given back. Those are pretty serious crimes.”

Howard says checking references is crucial when picking a place for your loved one.

“We tell people to go in unannounced, check on what’s going on. It’s really important to not let people know when you’re coming to look at it because I think you need to see what’s really going on,” Howard says.

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