Leelanau Co. Grows Wildlife Haven With New 80-Acre Addition

The Leelanau Conservancy is adding some more land to its preserve, and it’s all for us to enjoy.

Executive Director for Leelanau Conservancy Tom Nelson says, “There are a number of places that are incredibly special in Leelanau County, and this region and now this is one of them.”

The group recently bought 80 acres adjacent to the Cedar River Preserve, growing the property to a total of 546 acres.

“We’ve had our eye on this property as a goal of preserving for over 30 years,” Nelson says. “Protecting what we have is something this community really cares about, protecting its natural resources, that’s something that the whole Grand Traverse Region is known for.”

The preserve features 20 acres of wetlands, a breathtaking ridgeline and access to south Lake Leelanau.

The group plans on blazing new trails, including access to the Cedar River Preserve.

Becky Hill, Director of Natural Areas and Preserves, says, “It’s an advantage point that I haven’t even seen before, and the first time I was out here I had goose bumps because it was so beautiful and I’m just really excited for when we get to the point when people can get out here and see that. I think people are just going to love it.”

The preserve isn’t public yet, but the conservancy is in the early stages of opening this beautiful land to everyone.

Hill says, “It’s just a really important habitat for our wildlife and to have it forever protected is so important….both people and of course wild life can forever be a part of it.”

Nelson says, “The dream is to have a place that’s really wild and yet, accessible to the public so that they can come out here and see and smell and touch, feel what nature is really like.”

Again, the preserve is not accessible to the public yet, but the conservancy encourages you to continue to enjoy the views from the water on the Cedar River.

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