Gaylord Regional Airport Honored With Industry of the Year at Alpenfest

A Northern Michigan airport received recognition from its community for its hard work and dedication.

The Gaylord Regional Airport was named Alpenfest’s Honored Industry of The Year.

Every year the Alpenfest board, the Gaylord area Chamber of Commerce and community choose a business they feel embodies community involvement.

The airport built the Wings Over Northern Michigan Air Show throughout the years. And Matt Barresi, the Gaylord regional airport director, says he’s overwhelmed by the recognition.

“This is more of a mission driven environment,” Barresi says. “If you ask who does the airport belong to, we know it belongs to the community. But if you ask each one of them, they’ll say it’s their airport. And they’re going to do everything they can to make it thrive and make it succeed. There is always something more that the airport can do to be part of everyday people’s lives.”

Another event the airport holds is Veterans Coffee where veterans come every first Wednesday of the month to share coffee and stories.