Crews Continue to Search for Man’s Body in Mecosta County’s Round Lake

“It was horrifying is what it was.”

It has been more than 24 hours since a man jumped off a boat into a lake and did not come back up. The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office tells us it happened Saturday evening at Round Lake in Morton Township.

Saturday night we told you crews combed through the lake until it got dark. The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office and dive team got to the Holiday Terrace boat launch around 9 a.m.

Search crews are also using a drone and sonar to find the body.

The sheriff’s office has not yet told us who the man is, but say he is 68-years-old.

A man visiting from downstate says he helped out crews Saturday night.

“We were all out there with the sonar, couldn’t find anything so we’re out here now today, marking the spots where we were marking yesterday and trying to find him,” Brian Vaneeps said.

Dawn McNeill, who lives at Holiday Terrace on the lake, says she’s never experienced anything like this.

“It was terrible. You know because everybody was hoping for the best and so there were a lot of people, you know, jumping in, trying to help,” McNeill said.

She says she is more than willing to offer help if needed.

“You know, if it’s just a matter of a boat, a cup of coffee or whatever, these guys are working really hard, so I just want to be able to help them as much as I can,” she said.

Some people say this is a somber reminder of the importance of water safety.

“You know, it’s not even a designated area to swim. You need to be really careful out there, you know, good times turn into a hard time, so you got to be a little safer out there,” Vanepps said.

The people we talked to hope crews can recover the body, for the sake of the man’s family.

“My hope is that the family gets closure today. That the body gets recovered and the family gets a sense of peace today,” McNeill said.

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