Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office Keeping an Eye Out for Intoxicated Drivers on the Higgins Lake

A busy week on Higgins Lake is expected to only get busier heading into the weekend.

With Fourth of July weekend celebrations still going, people are out and some are drinking on the water.

The Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office is reminding everyone to make smart choices. 

“Going too fast or driving a little crazy on the water, stuff like that,” said Ron Bradley, a

marine deputy for the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s not as easy to spot a drunk driver on the water as it is on the road.

“Typically they’re going to do something wrong for us to pull them over and that’s when we’ll ask if they’ve been drinking and how much,” said Bradley.

As of this year the legal blood alcohol level for boaters changed from .1 to .08.

“Speed and alcohol just doesn’t mix so if you’re going to be drinking anything, you know do it responsibly,” said Bradley.

Another thing to be aware of is making sure you have enough lifejackets for everyone on board, as well as a throwable.

“Typically we get a lot of people having the wrong PFDs on their child,” said Bradley.

Dalton Sharpe is from this area and says it’s important to be aware of your surroundings, especially on such a busy week.

“Maybe go slower. Just pay attention especially if you’re going to be in one of these areas that has a lot of people just anchored and people outside,” said Sharpe.

But he says from what he’s noticed, everyone seems to be making smart choices.

“You hear about stories every year of people that got a little too wild but so far this year I haven’t noticed anything too crazy so hopefully it stays that way,” said Sharpe.

Some counties have their own rules for boaters on top of the state’s laws, so be sure to check ahead.