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Hometown Tourist: Walt and Susan’s Old Barn Antiques

in Traverse City is a finder’s paradise of collectibles in a barn built in 1910.

David Lyden and Erin Malone take you there for this week’s Hometown Tourist.

Walt and Susan have been married for 64 years and have run their Old Barn Antiques shop for over 50 years.

It’s full of collectibles, from postcards to rare books, tools and textiles, kitchen wares and so incredibly much more.

They started out by going to estate and yard sales. At one sale Walt decided to buy a gas pump, much to Susan’s initial dismay.

“Well my wife wasn’t real happy with the situation with that in our lawn,” said Walt.

Susan told us, “It was between the house and the barn, and I said ‘Oh, I don’t want that in our yard. But when he put it there, I loved it.”

And people loved it too!

Walt started collecting petroliana or automobilia: license plates, gas station pumps, globes and more. It’s not all for sale, but it’s a fascinating and must-see collection that’s amazing to chat with Walt about. At the end of the day, that’s what they love the most, is to chat with you too!