Family of Volunteers Making The National Cherry Festival a Tradition

The Festival of Races is just one of the many events run on pure volunteer power.

As much of the festival we know and love happens thanks to the thousands of selfless National Cherry Festival volunteers.

So many volunteers are here making this happen.

Some are at volunteer central, while others are here making it a family affair.

“I’ve been a volunteer since I was 12. Cherry Festival is, it’s in everyone’s hearts around here and since I grew up with it I wanted to share that with my kids,” said longtime volunteer, Heather Roush.

Heather Roush is the director of the kids club at the National Cherry Festival. She doesn’t do it alone, she has her family along with her.

“It’s a family place and I wanted them to see how important it was to give back to their community and so far they’ve done a wonderful job every year. When Deven was born he was born June 27th and so it was the week before the festival and that next festival week we had him in a stroller we were down here, we were in the parades. Those kids have been in the Cherry Royale Parade ever since they were born,” said Heather.

Dad Doug makes sure things run smoothly, while sons Derek and Deven keep things straight and organized.

“With family it’s a lot easier, it’s a lot more fun. We definitely grow very close during Cherry Festival week. We’re with each other all week 24/7 so we get some rubbing of shoulders but everything evens out in the end, it’s just a lot of fun,” said Derek Roush.

“We all share an experience so it’s something that connects us and bonds us throughout the year and as they get older I hope they pass it on to their families,” said Heather.

The Roush family tells me they plan to continue to making those memories for years to come.

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