Visitors Flock to National Cherry Festival to Celebrate Independence Day

It may be hot, but the weather is perfect to kick off the holiday weekend!

It’s a great reason to get out to the National Cherry Festival!

Many of the visitors are at the National Cherry Festival to celebrate the 4th of July.

The beer tent is one of the best places to catch the fireworks over the bay!

There are so many different ways to celebrate the 4th of July, and so many people picked the National Cherry Festival.

“It’s pretty awesome. Traverse City is a beautiful city, so decided to stop by and check it out,” said James Baranoski.

Michelle Amador told us, “We wanted to see some sights and stuff, and we thought the Cherry Festival sounded like fun”

Northern Michigan is a hot spot for 4th of July fun, and some people we talked to say Traverse City and the National Cherry Festival are the cherries on top.

“There something for everybody here,” said Andy Chearhart.

“They said Traverse City was a really good spot to see fireworks, plus they’re having a Cherry Festival so it’s a win-win,” explained Michelle.

Andy Chearhart and his wife bring their ducks, skittles and pretty girl, up to the festival every year.

“We’re just very patriotic. I’m former military. This is just a tradition for us, we been doing this for years,” said Andy.

And the fireworks are always a huge hit.

“My favorite part is the fireworks show, that’s always a good time,” Noah Bagazinski told us.

Andy said, “They put on a great firework show, the Boom Boom Club. I gotta hand it to them, they do a great job,”

The TC Boom Boom Club sponsors the show every year.

“We put on a pretty good show for the general public being the ones who pay for it, it’s kind of a community event,” explained Tim Hinkley with the Boom Boom Club.

The Boom Boom Club is already taking donations for next year’s show.

This year’s show is scheduled for about 10:30 Thursday night over the bay.

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